Monday, June 11, 2012

List // Work.

(This is my 300th post!)

Here are a couple things I'm thinking about for my new workplace...

1. Simple black dress.

2. For my desk!

3. This dress. Oh, this dress.

4. Just ordered some new iced teas & a travel mug for work!
I love DavidsTea!

5. This dress. (and it's on sale!)

6. This shirt! (by the same as the dress above)

7. I still very much want this dress.

8. I will always love Flourish.

9. These cute notebooks.

10. Best pens ever.

11. I have to keep inspired! It is a desk job after all ;)

12. Snacks. Specifically, Asian snacks. 
The Asian Food Market has a TON of good ones! 
Hopefully, I can put in an order soon.

13. And.... 

1 comment:

Sara said...

Just came across your blog and must say I love your style. With a baby on the way I don't have any extra money to spend, but have had my eye on that drawing book as well. It seems like such a nice grouping of prompts to get the juices flowing.