Thursday, February 24, 2011


At work.
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* went to work

* didn't wear makeup all day

* ate a cupcake

* moved a bunch of stuff into the apartment

* bought a car!

* planned our Medieval Times double date tomorrow

* got amazing pizza

* now bed....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our new place...

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We finally have our place!!! We, of course, don't have Internet yet so I won't be blogging as often for a few weeks. I love it here but we are slowly moving in. Jack hasn't felt so hot the last couple of days and hasn't been sleeping well so we're all tired. Hopefully he'll feel better soon and we'll be moved in soon! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Wedding...

Jeremy and I met in culinary school. In our first ever cooking class, about 3 weeks in, Jeremy was pureeing boiling hot soup in a teeny tiny blender... right as I passed by his table, he turned it on. I was covered in HOT soup. I ran to the front of the classroom/kitchen towards the door ripping off my chef coat. I wasn't badly burned, but I was VERY red and it hurt. He apologized profusely but it became a joke to us. We still joke about it sometimes. 

We got engaged on October 9, 2007. We were at the Melting Pot. I had had a pretty crappy day at work and was bitching and bitching about it. Finally he made me shut up by talking about getting married. We were joking about how July 19th would be a good day to get hitched. I joked and said that if this had been a "real" conversation I'd be calling my mom right then and telling her to set her calendar. He got this stern look on his face and almost yelled to not call her and he stood up and said "call everyone." He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I freaked out. The tables at The Melting Pot at extra long, so he was REALLY far away from me. I made him jump up and sit in the seat next to me where I immediately starting crying. Waiters and waitresses were passing by looking very concerned until one actually asked if everything was ok. All I could do was flash my beautiful new ring! 

We decided to get married in my hometown. My aunt worked at this pretty little museum in town and told us about the stained glass exhibit. When we went to tour it, we realized how absolutely gorgeous it was and how tiny it was. But we were sold. Jeremy and I aren't very religious but most in our families are, so this was our compromise. The stained glass was rescued from a church in NYC by a local man. The church was being demolished along with these beautiful glass windows.

Our photographer was AMAZING. She took my bridals a few weeks prior to the wedding.
This helicopter landed in the middle of my photoshoot. We asked the DPS officer if we could take some photos with it. It was perfect because our wedding colors were black and white!

We had a culinary themed wedding at a museum. Our ceremony was in stained glass room and the reception was in the main gallery.
 Our rings on the end of a whisk.
The centerpieces. 
(no flowers for us!)
Just one half of my family.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here's a quick update since I haven't had time to blog...

* I found a car and signed some papers....

* Then they SOLD it...


* I found an apartment.


* My hours got cut at work.

* Jeremy and I went to dinner for Valentine's Day on Sunday.

* I spent my Valentine's Day with this guy.
(our other man had to work all day)

* I found my new favorite drink at Starbucks.
(shaken ice tea lemonade - green tea)

* Jack has been on a super reading kick.

* We toured a pre-school/day care for Jack. 

* He starts tomorrow.
(I'm still trying to be happy with this decision) 

* We love bubbles in the tub!

* I miss my mama.
(Luckily she's coming up soon!)

* I've had a really rough week already.

Things are already looking up, but I'm still blah.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Today is for :

*Rainbow cupcakes at work

* Planning my Valentine's Day outfit
- tank & cardigan: target
- skirt: Frecklewonder
- tights: francesca's
- booties: bakers
- heartlette crown: giantdwarf


Dress, belt, & cardigan: target
tights: francesca's
booties: bakers
heartlette crown: giantdwarf

* Applying for an apartment 
(and getting partially approved!)

* Catching up on Grey's and Private Practice

* Hanging with my little man

* Kindle reading
(yay new kindle!)

* Ramen for dinner

* Movie on AppleTV
(the other guys)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty Paisley...

 This is my favorite new dress.

Dress: ModCloth
Cardigan: Target
Tights: Francesca's
Belt: H&M
Booties: Bakers

Monday, February 7, 2011

30 Things...

This post is inspired by the lovey Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. Read her 30 things here!

1. I am from very south Texas. If you head south in Texas and hit Mexico, back up 10 minutes and you're there. 

2. I hate roaches. Really really hate. 

3. I've always wanted to be a nurse.

4. I eat a cupcake a day at work.

5. My husband and I met in culinary school. 

6. The first time I ever spoke to Jeremy was after he tried to puree a boiling hot soup in a teeny tiny blender and turned it on right as I was walking by. Yup. Boiling hot soup ALL over me. "Hi, I'm Amanda."

7. We had a culinary themed wedding complete with utensil "flower" arrangements.

8. Jack is named after Jeremy.
Jackson Wade Smith.
Jeremy Wade Smith.

9. If we ever have a girl (we WILL have a girl) she'll be named after me.
Amanda Michelle Smith.
Avery/Addison Michelle Smith.

10. I want more

11. We are waiting to have more kids (pout) until Jack is 3 or 4. 

12. My family makes fun of people they love... they must love me A LOT. (I love it.)

13. I am the shortest person on my dad's side of the family including all of my cousins. I am the 3rd oldest out of 14. 

14. I would love working at a restaurant but I hate working nights.

15. I was offered a sous chef position at a fancy restaurant in Dallas, but I was pregnant and moving away. (SAD)

16. I was offered the position again when we moved back, but we live in Ft. Worth. The drive would have been almost an hour one way. 

17. I can sing, but I don't. Ever. Well, only in my car. 

18. My husband and I have a dream to one day open a bar that serves amazing food and serves only local/artisan beer.

19. I played basketball in high school for 3 years. I had to quit because I have knee problems. 

20. I've had surgery on my knee once, but need it again. My knee still bugs me most days.

21. I was brutally attacked by my cat as a kid. I had to rush to the hospital and the cat had to be put to sleep. Still have most of the scars. I hate cats. Actually I'm quite terrified of cats. 

22. I can still wear clothes from the children's section at Target and most stores.

23. I have to order ALL of my jeans online. Most stores don't carry the short versions of their jeans. Thanks, Gap.

24. My husband had made me love Family Guy... I used to hate it.

25. I have a huge tattoo planned for my back, but I'm pretty sure my husband will hate it. Ah well. 

26. When I was a kid, I had a parasite in my stomach for eating lettuce that wasn't washed (I knew it wasn't washed, but ate it anyway). I STILL have lots of trouble with my stomach. I have to watch what I eat all the time and can't have too much of anything. Example: I can only have milk once a week or less.

27. I am currently growing my hair out.

28. In high school, a lot of girls disliked me. I was friends with all the guys.. especially because my dad was the head football coach. I never dated one of them. I always dated guys from other schools.

29. I am the best at loosing touch with friends. I hate that I do that, but it always happens. Just recently, I've started to regain touch with some of my favorite friends.

30. I can't wait to throw dinner parties. SOON.


 This is what happens when I have a lot to do around the house...
(please ignore my messy shelves... oh and the boxed wine)

 Jeans that are too big: American Eagle
Tank: Target
Tshirt: Urban
Socks: Target

I had a huge list of to-do's and I'm actually almost done with them all! 
One was to wash the dogs and groom them a little. 
Well Sophie (my dog) got a good grooming. 
HA! I am HORRIBLE with clippers, so I feel bad for her. 
But she does have a cute new sweater on!
She's giving me the evil eye in this picture. 
She loves me.

I'm back to work tomorrow after not being there almost ALL WEEK. 
I'll be nice to get some cupcakes baking. I also have to take some photos for a local magazine again. 
Woah. I just realized I never posted the photo that we printed! 

Now I need to:
-Put all the laundry away (baaah)
-Eat my weight in Texas Sheet Cake
-Play with Jack Jack
-Find something that the kid will ACTUALLY eat
-Bathe Jack
-Hopefully get Jack to bed at a decent hour.
(10pm is NOT a decent hour, Jack.)