Monday, June 25, 2012


What have we been up to?

- I'm getting used to my new work schedule.
- We saw Coldplay this weekend.
- Saw my beautiful sister and her husband.
- Packed a little up at the old apartment.
- Ordered some Modcloth goodies.
- Bought two cute dresses at Target.
- Played lots of cars with Jackson.
- Read lots of stories with Jackson.
- Heard the ABCs about 100 times.
- Went to Trader Joe's.
- Planned a little 4th of July trip to see my family... I hope it works out!

I'll be back soon with more. When I say I'm getting used to my schedule, it means I have ZERO time for anything. Ha. I'm working on it. Working in Dallas is hard when you live in Ft. Worth.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jeremy and I are moving to a new place very soon. (I know... we ALWAYS are moving) 

 This time we'll actually have a legitimate backyard! We are way excited. We have so many plants (wow too many) that we want to put into raised beds and teach Jack how to garden. We have a huge squash plant and our blackberry plant is a recent purchase. We also have tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to name a few. We've toyed with the idea of chickens, but we'll see. It seems like a lot of work and we both work full-time jobs an hour away. So, like I said.. We'll see. We really want to be little farmers in our little backyard.

 I am also excited about the thought of changing things up. My mom recently acquired a cute little hutch for us. It just needs some sprucing up at the moment. It's a cream color (bleh) and some pretty things to put in it. My wonderful mom also get us an amazing vintage colorful, aluminum glass set complete with a pitcher and wire carrying case... OMG. I'm so excited to finally have a place to put them.

Here are a few bloggers who's style (home and personal) I absolutely love. 

 Always my number one blog. I love Mrs. James' style and her kids are amazingly adorable!
 Same with Rachel. Her style is killer.... and her kids are super cute too. 
And I've taken her e-course "Style Your Home" and I learned a lot. I need to re-read it!
 Elise is just too cute, as is her home.
Ruby and her family are amazing. The little ladies are super adorable and their parents are pretty cool, too. She's recently done some renovating and I can't wait to see the finished product!

Monday, June 11, 2012

List // Work.

(This is my 300th post!)

Here are a couple things I'm thinking about for my new workplace...

1. Simple black dress.

2. For my desk!

3. This dress. Oh, this dress.

4. Just ordered some new iced teas & a travel mug for work!
I love DavidsTea!

5. This dress. (and it's on sale!)

6. This shirt! (by the same as the dress above)

7. I still very much want this dress.

8. I will always love Flourish.

9. These cute notebooks.

10. Best pens ever.

11. I have to keep inspired! It is a desk job after all ;)

12. Snacks. Specifically, Asian snacks. 
The Asian Food Market has a TON of good ones! 
Hopefully, I can put in an order soon.

13. And.... 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Obsessing over... absolutely nothing. I'm starting a new job on the 18th and I am not stressing over anything! I am getting out of the cooking world. With my current position, I've learned a lot and I am so grateful for it. But with it, I've also learned that a professional kitchen is very much NOT for me. I'm not good at handling all the pressure. I want to be able to come home and be done with work for the day. I don't like waking up and thinking of all the bad that will happen that day. This is such a good change for me and my family. I will be an administrative assistant and get to wear all my cute clothes. I'm really excited to finally start! I can't wait to have a job that ends at 5 o'clock.

Anticipating... a couple things. One is my new job...duh. Two is... well my little family and I are patiently waiting for a duplex down the street from my in-law's to open up. Our lease was up on our apartment so we are staying with them until it opens. It has... wait for it... A BACKYARD! You have no idea how excited we are about it. We've never had a backyard and we have so many plans. Raised garden beds, a little play thing for Jack, and a dog door are just a few things. We cannot wait. 

Working on... saving a little bit of money. Since we don't have rent to pay for the next couple months, we want to save some money and we have no reason not too. So, no trips to Target or Starbucks for a while for me. I'm kind of really sad about the Starbucks since that's my number one guilty pleasure, but it'll be worth it. (Gift cards are always welcome... JUST KIDDING...sort of).

Watching... last night we stayed up a little too late and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. No matter how many times I watch that movie (or any of them) I fall in love all over again. I'm thinking a HP tattoo is going to happen....

Thinking about... what to wear for my first day of work! The company I will be working for is actually in the same building as the cafe I was working in. No one has ever seen me in normal-not-chef-uniform clothes. This will be fun! 

Reading... I just finished all three 50 Shades of Grey and now I'm working on Summer in the City. It's the newest prequel to Sex and the City. I just love those ladies.

Listening to... Sucre. I recently got my vinyl in and it's perfect. I pre-ordered the Red Velvet edition. It was such a fun package to get. The vinyl is so pretty and all the art is great. 

Eating... popcorn and watching Top Gear at the moment....

Wishing... my mom was coming soon. She actually might be! And shopping. I wish I could go shopping.

(Thank you to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for this idea! I love it!)       

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

These Ladies.

These pretty little ladies are my nieces. 
They have made an appearance on here before. 
 I can't believe this one is almost 10. More like almost 18. 
And this one is just as sweet as ever. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Miss Emily // Photography

This little beauty is my cousin's daughter, Emily. She is such a little cute thing. I've only ever done one baby shoot before (this one) and she was fairly easy to photograph. I definitely got a little baby fever now!
 This cute little bird hat is from My Charming Colors. It's so perfect. 
My cousin loved it and it fit just right on this little lady!

 This little face!


I love these. I'm pretty proud of them, if I do say so myself!

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Friend.

Rest in peace, my beautiful Bia. 
You are so loved and so missed.