about me...

Hello! I'm Amanda. I'm married to Jeremy. We have two little guys named Jackson, 4, and Mason, a few months. I am a SAHM at the moment and I am currently in school, so saying my plate is full would be an understatement. But like all mom's, I'm a rockstar. I do it all with the help of my awesome husband and lots of family.

I do a lot of baking and cooking. I make my own baby food (yah I'm that mom). I make silly crafts for my 4 year old to do. We "homeschool" preschool. (I put that in quotes because we really only do it when there is time, which is some days... not all days).

Like most people, I try to keep this place pretty positive and fairly sarcastic and silly. I'm always looking for connections to people and meeting new friends. The internet is a crazy place and I've met the BEST people through it.