Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jeremy and I are moving to a new place very soon. (I know... we ALWAYS are moving) 

 This time we'll actually have a legitimate backyard! We are way excited. We have so many plants (wow too many) that we want to put into raised beds and teach Jack how to garden. We have a huge squash plant and our blackberry plant is a recent purchase. We also have tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to name a few. We've toyed with the idea of chickens, but we'll see. It seems like a lot of work and we both work full-time jobs an hour away. So, like I said.. We'll see. We really want to be little farmers in our little backyard.

 I am also excited about the thought of changing things up. My mom recently acquired a cute little hutch for us. It just needs some sprucing up at the moment. It's a cream color (bleh) and some pretty things to put in it. My wonderful mom also get us an amazing vintage colorful, aluminum glass set complete with a pitcher and wire carrying case... OMG. I'm so excited to finally have a place to put them.

Here are a few bloggers who's style (home and personal) I absolutely love. 

 Always my number one blog. I love Mrs. James' style and her kids are amazingly adorable!
 Same with Rachel. Her style is killer.... and her kids are super cute too. 
And I've taken her e-course "Style Your Home" and I learned a lot. I need to re-read it!
 Elise is just too cute, as is her home.
Ruby and her family are amazing. The little ladies are super adorable and their parents are pretty cool, too. She's recently done some renovating and I can't wait to see the finished product!

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