Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Wedding...

Jeremy and I met in culinary school. In our first ever cooking class, about 3 weeks in, Jeremy was pureeing boiling hot soup in a teeny tiny blender... right as I passed by his table, he turned it on. I was covered in HOT soup. I ran to the front of the classroom/kitchen towards the door ripping off my chef coat. I wasn't badly burned, but I was VERY red and it hurt. He apologized profusely but it became a joke to us. We still joke about it sometimes. 

We got engaged on October 9, 2007. We were at the Melting Pot. I had had a pretty crappy day at work and was bitching and bitching about it. Finally he made me shut up by talking about getting married. We were joking about how July 19th would be a good day to get hitched. I joked and said that if this had been a "real" conversation I'd be calling my mom right then and telling her to set her calendar. He got this stern look on his face and almost yelled to not call her and he stood up and said "call everyone." He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I freaked out. The tables at The Melting Pot at extra long, so he was REALLY far away from me. I made him jump up and sit in the seat next to me where I immediately starting crying. Waiters and waitresses were passing by looking very concerned until one actually asked if everything was ok. All I could do was flash my beautiful new ring! 

We decided to get married in my hometown. My aunt worked at this pretty little museum in town and told us about the stained glass exhibit. When we went to tour it, we realized how absolutely gorgeous it was and how tiny it was. But we were sold. Jeremy and I aren't very religious but most in our families are, so this was our compromise. The stained glass was rescued from a church in NYC by a local man. The church was being demolished along with these beautiful glass windows.

Our photographer was AMAZING. She took my bridals a few weeks prior to the wedding.
This helicopter landed in the middle of my photoshoot. We asked the DPS officer if we could take some photos with it. It was perfect because our wedding colors were black and white!

We had a culinary themed wedding at a museum. Our ceremony was in stained glass room and the reception was in the main gallery.
 Our rings on the end of a whisk.
The centerpieces. 
(no flowers for us!)
Just one half of my family.


posidanielle said...

I totally enjoyed reading about your wedding! It sounds like such a beautiful ceremony! And those stained glass windows are so gorgeous.

I hope you have a great day gorgeous!

Christina said...

Beautiful photos! What a lovely day. :o) And I'm completely in love with those stained glass windows, how gorgeous!

Meg said...

I love your photos and the idea of getting married at a museum. And what a perfect exhibit for the ceremony! My fiance and I are looking into some museum venues as well.

Thanks for sharing!

DaMora said...

Gorgeous photos. Congratulations.