Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In January, Jeremy and I went to a Mutemath show in Dallas.  It was...


It was beyond what I had hoped for. It was just epic. 
We spend most of Saturday in Dallas. 

 Liberty Burger in Dallas has THE BEST MILKSHAKES ever.
Salted Caramel. Yes.
 We stayed at a pretty great little hotel. 
 In the restroom at the House of Blues. You can't really see my outfit.
Getting super antsy!
Hey look! It's Jeremy Larson!
He was playing with Canon Blue.

It's Jeremy Larson, again! 
I was really excited to meet him! I actually had to ask the guys of Canon Blue to find him for me. Ha! It was a little embarrassing because I just rambled on and on talking about his beautiful wife and all their friends that I love! Ah well. It was fun and he's so nice!
Thanks again Jeremy!

We had an amazing time! I can't wait to see them again!


Fox and Sparrows said...

My husband and I went to a 30 Seconds To Mars concert awhile back and Mute Math opened for them. I am pleased to say that they put on a better show than the headliner! It was amazing!

the plaid sparrow said...

AW! I used to live in Dallas. I miss it!
& I still haven't had the opportunity to see Mutemath. :/ boo.
ALSO! It is pretty rad that you got to meet Jeremy Larson. I love his wife & all the Red Velvet ladies.
I actually almost went to Springfield with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. I planned on stopping by the store. I actually got nervous thinking about meeting them! Silly. Maybe.
Have a lovely day!