Monday, February 20, 2012


 (being goofballs Saturday night)

Obsessing over... Jack's new love of his mama. I mean, he loves me... but recently he LOVES me! He hate when I go to the restroom or when I walk out. He's also waking up in the middle of the night and snuggling up with me in our bed. We don't have a big bed, so it sometimes pushes Jeremy to the couch. I hate that, but I can't ever get Jack back to his bed without waking him up. Anyway, I'm loving it. Ha.
Also, a lot of work stuff and the new Hipstamatic disposable app and the Clear app. Yay iPhone!
Working on... recipes for work, a colorful chevron blanket, a black and white chevron blanket, and getting ready for my family to be here for a short weekend trip this coming weekend. My niece is a dancer and has a competition in Dallas. 

Thinking about... taxes. Ugh. I hate tax season.

Anticipating... Jack has a "sick" appointment on Wednesday. He has been a little congested this last week and he can't shake it. Just want to see what his amazing doctor says can help. And Friday. I can't wait for Friday. I finally get to see my mom, my sister-in-law, and nieces.

Listening to... The Naked and Famous, Real Estate, Mutemath, and Gotye.

Eating... Honeycrisp apples and peanut butter and wishing I had some taro milk bubble tea.

Wishing... it was Friday and I had a million dollars. 

(Thank you to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for this idea! I love it!)

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the plaid sparrow said...

I loved this post! **The photo strip of you guys is cute!
-I used to live in Dallas! So much fun. Good luck to your niece.
-I hate tax season as well. Quite daunting! :/
-Yay for Gotye! Love them. & Mutemath. I'm afraid I haven't heard of the others! yikes!
-Ditto on the Friday + million dollars! ;)

I hope you have a lovely week!