Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Jackson.

 At Target. We usually go once a week and he gets to run around the toys (if we have time).
Monday - Having a deep conversation with Sophie.
Tuesday- This kid has THE BEST bathtimes...see below.
 Working on teeth brushing.
Wednesday- Cake pop aftermath.
Thursday- He had the best day on Thursday last week. He was SUCH a good boy all day! So proud!
 We sent this to family for a late Valentine's Day.
Friday- I got a little crazy and decided that 4 colorful bowls in the bathtub was a grand idea. 
It really was. He had a super awesome bathtime and I had a huge load of towels to wash.
Saturday- We went to the bookstore right when it opened. Jack surprised up so fully that we stopped in our tracks. He was running around the corner and almost ran into someone and said "scuse me." I literally stopped chasing him and stood there with my mouth wide. He was polite!! And I didn't have to coach him!! Omg. My kid is a genius.  :]

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