Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home... (Living Room Wants)

We found an apartment!!!!

We aren't sure when we are moving in, but SOON!
I've been collecting some furniture must-haves for a little while. Most of the furniture we have are hand-me-downs from very generous family members. We want to finally get some that we get to chose and buy.
We really wanted a fun couch. We've had a black leather couch and chair since before we got married and since they aren't ours, we are freely giving them back. We wanted something with color and FUN. This one is from Rooms-to-go and on sale. 

This big ol' guy is from Ikea (heaven). We have a big TV that we want to mount on the wall and we have ZERO storage for DVDs and our PS3. So, this guy would be perfect. It has a ton of storage and it's just so pretty...maybe a little retro looking? 

In addition to the lovely blue couch, we want a pretty chair. These are both from Ikea. Ideally, I want to find one at a vintage/thrift shop around here and clean it up. If that doesn't happen these are my fall backs...but which one? I love the print and and shape of the chair, but the other chair is so damn comfortable. Which would you choose?  I have a feeling comfort will win over beauty here.

Other stuff I need: 
- sofa table
- pretty pillows
- art work
- curtains
- toy storage
(Jack's toys are bound to make it to the living room)

Next up: 


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Eva said...

IKEA has some great affordable furniture options. you gotta get a fun couch, they add so much flavour to a room! :)