Friday, January 21, 2011

Home... (Jack's Room Wants/Needs)

I can't wait to get Jack's room together. It's going to be very cute and very boy. 
We don't have specific colors or theme in mind. Jack loves cars and wheels so we'll probably include lots of them. Jack has very pretty black furniture. He has a dresser that we're keeping.

The next few items are from IKEA.

We aren't going to use the changing table that we have and... the crib that goes with his furniture... is broken.... in pieces. It's a drop down side, so we weren't going to use it anyway, but it still sucks. We are borrowing one from Jeremy's mom for the time being. We love this one... especially the price. $99. And Jeremy's favorite color is green. Yay!
We have the larger version of this in Jack's room now, but it's bolted to the wall and we REALLY hate moving it. SO, we're getting this one and laying it on it's side for more storage and it's easier for Jack to get into it.
This lamp is just cute.

Jack likes to push his cars on tables. We want something he can grow into for the next couple of years and this one is cheap and cute and little.

Now... if I had my way, we'd be getting this...
along with a bunch of felt food. BUT everyone thinks he's too small for it. I might just get it anyway. 

And now the art work....all from Etsy (the shops are linked)

(i love her stuff so much!)

 These two from edart

and this beauty by helendardik

There are a few other things I'd like to get, but I'll post a home tour once we are all settled in and done.


Dawn Trest said...

such pretties! Just found your blog...really cute!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I came across your blog on Sometimes Sweet because (LOVE) your cardi in your profile pic and I'm reading going, Awh, I'm going to start following this gal, she seems pretty cool and your decorating posts are right up my ally, AND THEN.... I see you're from Fort Worth. I'm living in Fort Worth right now, and have no mom friends. Therefore, you're an automatic follow and without further rambling, here's me introducing myself, as Megan. Haha Nice to e-meet ya!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Dawn!!

OMG! Megan! I have ZERO mommy friends here too! Email me any time!! Amandamichelle_smith (At)

Kristin said...

LOVE everything for Jack's room!