Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm not sure when he thought he was allowed to growup. But he did.
He's three and a half and so big!
He still loves his cars, but loves his Wreck it Ralph carts more than anything.
He can quote Wreck it Ralph, which isn't always such a cool thing. (Parents beware of the not-so-nice words or sayings in that movie. I made the mistake of letting him watch it over and over when we were sick, and he has said things like "I don't have to do boo" when I ask him to do something. He's stopped since we've explained that they aren't so nice and whatnot, but still. I will admit it was hilarious when he said it, but so un-cool.)
He loves strawberries and these little Mickey Mouse snack packs.
He started soccer and has his second practice today!
His favorite question is why.... "why do dogs bark?" "why do we go to the potty?" Why why why.
He loves his iPad and his Sugar Rush cart racing game.
He also loves his ABCMouse game. We all love it, too. Pretty educational and he takes care of a hamster he named Egg-Egg.
He loves Martha the Talking Dog. I always know when he watches it during the day. He comes home talking like a dictionary.
Since the weather has been nicer, he's been playing with chalk every afternoon. He isn't so much into drawing with it as he is breaking it into a million little pieces all over the patio.
We are still working on potty training (hardest thing EVER).
Also, we are working on "bye-bye paci" time (also hard).
He still hates vegetables.
He gives the best hugs.
My little baby. So big.

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