Friday, March 15, 2013


Jeremy and I have been working on our garden for almost a year. We started with nothing...seriously. ZERO. The grass was brown. The patio had nothing on it except these blue chairs. We bought a ton of pots on clearence from Target last year and are now filling them all up. This fence/wall is our herb garden. Each has it's own marker (also from Target). Our vegetable garden won't be in the same place it was last year (we've learned). The sun doesn't reach so well right there, so we're going to build/buy a raised garden or something of the sort and put it towards the back of the yard.

We have a lot of plans, but the herb wall is my favorite. We are going to try to add some more hanging pots from Target, if they ever put them out.

hanging pots: Target; Smith sign: vintage; mirror: vintage; Little pot person: a gift made by my father-in-law; the sconses on the fence: Target; patio furniture: handed down and spray painted

Happy Friday!

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