Tuesday, January 15, 2013


-          Still loving cars
-          Obsessed with Sid the Science Kid and learning about science and “why?”
-          Smoothies (with hidden vegetables, go mom!)
-          Wrestling with daddy or pawpol
-          His iPad
-          Star Wars
-          Mac and Cheese
-          His treat jar for potty training
-          Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
-          Playgrounds
-          His blankets and puppy pillow
-          His new Hoho! (pictured above)
-          His big boy undies
-          The word “no.”
-          Timeout
-          Vegetables
-          Scary (some not so scary) movies/shows
-          Bedtime
-          Bath time
-          Dinner time
-          Anytime he has to be somewhere or do something.
This dude is very headstrong, but in the best way. What kid would want to sit down for dinner when all those toys are just sitting there waiting to be played with?? Getting him to understand the sit-down part or the “hey kid, you’re pretty smelly and need a bath nowish” part, is a work in progress. He still hates his veggies and won’t even attempt to try them. People always say to start your kids on vegetables first when they are babies so they’ll like them when they are older… oh yah? Didn’t work here. He hates them. I hide them in smoothies most days.  He still gives the best full-body hugs and says “I love you, mommy” at the top of his lungs when he remembers to say it. He’s the best kid ever.


richelle jean said...

So freakin cute!!!! I also just grew a liking to Star Wars (so late for me, I know)

Amanda said...

Richelle- I'm with you! I HATED anything that was remotely fantasy until I saw Lord of the Rings waaaaaay after it came out. Now I'm a certified nerd! :]