Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I'm unveiling a new blog design soon and I couldn't be more excited! I've been in such a rut in my whole life lately....doing the exact same thing everyday, wearing the exact same clothes everyday, and not having much inspiration or pull to do anything new or exciting or to write/blog. Jack hasn't been sleeping so well, so I've been so tired all day every day for the past 2 or so weeks.

This new design has sparked a little bit in me that is wanting change. I'm working on school and getting back into the groove. I'm working on adding some good, solid pieces to my work wardrobe ( I need to look 28 and not 18 at work, please! ). I'm planning out our weekends so they will be filled with big outings, or just small crafts/baking around the house. I'm changing my phone case... it's all about the little and maybe some not-so-little things. And of course, I plan on sharing these things and a lot more. I'm actually excited about blogging again!

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Charlene Zale said...

I'm looking forward to it :)