Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello, Hi, How are ya...

I'm not sure when I decided to stop blogging for a whole month, but apparently I did. It wasn't such a bad thing though. I was feeling pretty uninspired and spread too thin. Working an hour away from where you live and having a 3 year old you miss all day long while at said job, it's a really hard thing to balance. Throw in a blog that you care about too, and it all goes out the window. Balance is a hard thing, but it'll work. I've figured out some ways to (hopefully) make it work. This place will always and forever be mine. Not what I think people want to see but what I want to share. Life isn't always pretty, but we sure try to make it seem that way. I don't have time to do a ton of crafts and recipes and blog every single day, but I do what I can. I'm a chef always, so I'm sure a recipe will come soon. This place is a positive place for me to share my little family, my ideas, sarcasm, and sometimes my vanity (you know you love looking at my face...). It's mine. I can do what I want!!

Every day until Christmas, I'll be posting a little review about my David's Tea 24 Days of Tea. I've been converted into a huge obsessive fan and it won't stop. So why not share? I always tend to have a cup of tea near my lately and with David's Tea, it's always different and it's fun. It's a little brightener to my day at work and a good nightcap before bed. I've even gotten Jeremy involved (now that's saying something).

That little dude in that picture is pretty amazing lately. He's growing into this kid that I always wanted. Not that he wasn't what I wanted before, but he can hold a conversation and he gives the best hugs. He is a huge ball of energy and love every day. Not all days are easy.. duh... he's three. But man, I can't imagine my days without a whole lotta Jack thrown in. I'll probably have a big of love fest photo dump about him soon. Because I can (see above).

I hope you missed me... because I kind of missed you all. If you really miss me, find me on Instagram. (amanda_smith) I'm also an IG obsess.


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