Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 Days of Tea- Day One

Let me start off by saying, I am a huge, giant, obsessed fan of David's Tea. There are so many fun flavors. I haven't had one that I don't like. Of course, I have my favorites (that's a whole other post, my friends), but this is possibly my favorite overall product. 
I was one of the lucky one's to snag a 24 Days of Tea before they sold out. It's (obviously) an advent calendar of sorts for tea. Every day for 24 days you try a new tea. See why it sold out?
Each day there is a circle. When you open the circle, it tells you what type of tea you are getting and the instructions, all mostly illustrated. Our first tea was...
Organic Buttered Rum. Not one that I would have picked on my own (which is the joy of this calender). It's a black tea with coconut, vanilla bean, and some pretty little blue cornflower petals. I am really over-the-moon excited about the packaging. I wasn't expecting loose tea in teeny tins. There is also enough for 2 servings, which is awesome. That's how I got Jeremy involved. He wasn't so excited about the calendar until I told him there was enough for two. Yay, couple activity! I also wasn't expecting them to have the flavors printed on each tin. Very cool, David. Very cool.
The aroma of this tea is the best part. It smells buttery and vanilla-y. It's pretty tasty, too. I didn't sweeten it at all, but I probably should have added a little sugar or honey, which I prefer. I didn't taste the coconut very much, but it wasn't a bad thing. I would probably order this tea the next time I place an order. I have a feeling I'll be placing a rather large order after these 24 days.
These 24 days are going to be fun. Stay tuned. (note: every tea post possibly won't have as many photos)

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Lu Ann said...

Mmmm, I got one too and I absolutely loved this blend this morning. Can't wait to try tomorrow's.we're having a contest to win $66 worth of tea. enter here: