Friday, December 7, 2012

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

I'm going to miss this little dude. (Hat by my super talented friend, Jess at My Charming Colors)

Today I'm flying off to my hometown to see my sweet little niece in the Nutcracker. She's six and is playing three parts in the show. I'm so excited and so proud of her. She's always been the shy one and I've never seen her dance before. This will be pretty emotional for me, I'm guessing. She's my God-daughter and my namesake. I'm tearing up just thinking about it! I'm so proud!

 My ten year old niece is also a dancer and I can't wait to go to her next competition. She gets better and better every time I see her dance. I love when she says "break it down" then just literally breaks it down out of NO WHERE. She's the best.

 Being so far away makes me miss all my nieces and nephews growing up, so these little short trips let me catch glimpses. They are already so big. I've always hoped to be the "cool" aunt like my aunt was when I was growing up. She lived in Dallas and we all thought that was so cool as we all lived in south Texas. Hopefully, in January when the entire fam bam travels to my mom's for our Christmas celebrations, I'll get to see all of them and for a longer period of time. I miss those brats. (They aren't really brats).

My tea posts for this weekend will all come on Sunday since I forgot to bring day 7-9.

Wish me luck. I saw a meteor this morning.... and Jeremy told me they are happening all day. Then he laughed and said "Oh yah! You're flying tonight!" Thanks. Thanks a lot, sweetheart.

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