Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch...

 Every year for the last three years we have made it to the pumpkin patch in October. One of the many reasons I love the Fall. We had some not so good news today, so this was our little trip to cheer ourselves up. We are thoroughly cheered!!
 This was the best time we've had at our pumpkin patch. Jack is old enough to be involved in the picking of the perfect pumpkin. We've been watching Charlie Brown's The Giant Pumpkin for weeks and weeks so this trip was about finding the GIANT PUMPKIN, MOMMY!!!
 THAT ONE!!! Which turned out to be a tiny crooked squash. :]
Jack loves these tractors. He still doesn't understand the petals, but with a good push, it's all fun!
 A pumpkin patch trip wouldn't be complete without apple cider.
 And, of course, caramel apples!
 This cute moment happened while checking out the goats. This pumpkin patch is attached to a farm right in the middle of this cute little city. This goat loved the taste of caramel on his little chubby fingers. Jack thought it was hilarious and it surprised the heck out of him when it first happened!

The only photo of me, which is just fine. :]

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Rachel said...

Looks like a lovely time!We just got back from the pumpkin patch ourselves! Isn't October wonderful?!