Friday, September 14, 2012

Our littlest love...

My little sweet boy. He steals my heart over and over every single day. I hate when he's sick and not feeling well, but those days are also the snuggliest, cuddliest, and love filled. Most of those days, all he wants is his mama. Yay me! Since he's been sick lately, he's been mad, upset, frustrated... just to name a few. We've had a rough week. His nose is stuffy which means sleeping/breathing is hard. He's coughing. Not eating so well. Just unhappy over all. But last night, he started feeling better. He had just taken a bath and we were sitting in front of the TV (judge away), putting lotion and pjs on. He smelled so good, as all babes do right out of the bath with super sweet smelling lotion. So I kissed his cheek and said "I love you, baby." He didn't respond in any which way. So, I did it again...and again. Until finally, he looked at me and said "Tanks, mama." So, of course, I melted and said it again and again while hugging and kissing his cheeks. Finally, he looked at me again and said "I lobe you, too, mama," and hugged my arms and legs over and over while we sat there. Heart melted into a pool of melted heart.

Not all days are easy or fun, but the good, are they good.

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