Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Home // Bedroom

As you know, my little family recently moved. This move couldn't have gone more perfect. We got movers, we packed everything well, all the furniture fit, and we have a backyard. We did get a couple new things for the new place, bedspread, plants, hutch, etc. I plan to show a few rooms. This room happens to be my favorite, when it's clean. I have a tendenacy to try on 1,000 outfits and just throw all the clothes everywhere. It's a mess. Jeremy and I decided to take one half of the room each. His has the tv which is connected to his computer. I have the bookshelf with all my pretty things on it. It's our happy compromise!
Sources: Orla Kiely bedding, Bed, Bath, and Beyond; Fox prints, Papersparrow; Happ & Stahns 1842 Rosa Alba Eau de Parfum, Anthropologie; "Love Always" banner, NICE; "Strong, Beautiful, Brave" print, NanLawson

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Kristian said...

Cute room! Love the banner above the bed.