Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband//Outfit

Jeremy turned 31 yesterday! He's not too happy about getting older, but I think he's like a cheese... better with age. :] 
 Jeremy with mini-Jack :]

Jack and I made him some cupcakes and a "happy birthday" banner. He had no idea we were doing anything for his birthday, but we did! I taught Jack to lift his arms up when I said Happy Birthday! It was awesome.

We went out on Friday night to dinner then met up with friends to celebrate. 

This is what I wore:

 Shirt, Shoes, & Skirt: Target
Belt: Gift
Rings: Mixed Metals
Leather bracelet: Flourish
Pearl bracelet: Gift
Purse: Danny Brito

I think he had a good birthday. 
I got him a beer making kit that I hope he uses soon. He's really into beer making.
(Though he's never done it!) 


Jenn said...

You guys are so cute! :) I totally have Mixed Metals rings in my Etsy shopping cart! I cannot wait to get them! :) & I love that skirt! The End :)

Eva said...

My husband is really into beer making too, he makes some crazy batches.