Monday, August 29, 2011

Disney pt. 2

The Magic Kingdom. 

This was the 2nd most exciting part of the trip for me. I couldn't wait to let Jack ride rides and see the characters. It was going to be so great! Jack fell asleep about an hour after we got there...and slept for 3 hours. Believe me, I was happy he was resting and we did get to ride some rides while he was napping, but because it rained and rained and rained... we had to leave early. It was pretty disappointing. We were thoroughly soaked even with ponchos. 

On the way after breakfast at Sizzler.
"Where Dreams Come True"
Walking in. That sight will never get old....yet the people around the sight.......
Check out the castle. 
(My favorite photo from the whole trip)
Our favorite was the pineapple.
And nap.
Rain. Rain. Rain.
Jack Mouse. 

Magic Kingdom will have to happen again for the little guy. He missed so much. I know he's only 2, but still. He would have really enjoyed some of the rides and shows.

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