Thursday, May 12, 2011

Still here...

We're still here...getting over a rough week last week.
- news about jack's hearing trouble/ears
- a wreck
- an ER visit at 9pm to 4am
- a stomach virus stricken husband
- short family reunion (so hard to say bye)
- news that my aunt is moving
- nothing really special for mother's day
- speech therapy appointments/meetings

Everyone is fine now and just catching up. Laundry is a beast that keeps growing. I wish the laundry/cleaning fairy godmother would step up for a day or two.

Now I'm off to work (it's 6:30am) and I'm hanging out with my aunt tonight then back to work!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I'll have more interesting posts soon. Updates on Jack too.


1 comment:

Sunny said...

Well hope that your family keeps getting better and everything go smoothly on your side.