Monday, May 2, 2011

Jackson's Ears...

My little man had a doctor's appointment today. He is still huge... 100% for head, weight, and height (since it's all the same % there is no need to panic that he's too big...blame Jeremy). He is right on track with everything...but speech. He doesn't say too many words or really tries to say many. He does say "bye" sometimes and he has said "outside" a few times, but it's all inconsistent. He's had an ear infection every single time we've gone into the doctor's office. When he's had a cold and we've taken him, he's ended up leaving with a RX for something for his ears. He has them all the time. So, according to the doctor, he can hear about 30-45% of what we say and what he can hear is muffled. He can't really pick up on pronouncing words. It makes sense, but it's heartbreaking. So, after today's visit, and yet ANOTHER ear infection, the doctor (and us) has decided that Jack needs tubes in his ears.

This is the first doctor's appointment that I missed. I had to work and there was no way out of it today. I can't believe I missed it. Today was a big deal. I've been beating myself up about it all day and I probably shouldn't, but I'm a mom and I can't help it. I am more afraid of the anesthesia. I can't picture my little sweet man in a hospital gown, with an IV, and being put to sleep. Actually, I can.. and I have been ALL DAY. It's terrifying. I know that tubes are that huge of a deal and that it's SO common.. but this is Jack. My Jack.

He has an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat doctor on the 24th to find out when they can place the tubes in. I will NOT miss that one.

Now I'm exhausted from worrying and crying off and on all day. I need to sleep and relax. I need to stop freaking out and know ( I do ) that the tubes will help him greatly. The 24th can't come fast enough.

This weekend will be relaxing and fun (I hope). I need it.

If anyone has any thoughts, or insight on this matter... please leave a comment or email me.
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Prajaline said...

I don't know what it is like to have children, let alone a child with impending health stuff going on, but I do know what is like from the stand point of an aunt. My nephew was born eight weeks early with a few health issues that we are still battling with. With that said, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts, I just wanted to let you know that I'm hoping everything goes well! Also, don't feel bad! You make the right decisions for the right time no matter how you feel about it. My sister-in-law had big issues when she had to go back to work while my nephew was still in the NICU over an hour away, but she got through it and so will you! Sending hugs your way!

Foster said...

I know *so* many people who have had this experience. My closest friend's son was diagnosed with autism b/c of a speech delay that was actually caused by fluid in his ears. Once he had tubes, he was an entirely different kid! His speech/movement/everything--temper tantrums, sleep... all of it improved. It's a quick in and out surgery, and once the meds wear off (after about four hours) your son should feel great.

I know it's hard not to worry, but it will be ok.

Selina said...

You and he will be fine! I had tubes in my ears and I don't even remember it. The only reason I even know is because I was told I had them. I remember getting a few ear infections and having to be careful when I swam but for the most part it's just a blink in my childhood. He'll be totally fine! This is just one more thing you guys will get through. Hope things get better :)

Pamplemousse1983 said...

Sorry to hear Jack's having such a hard time with his ears :( On the plus side, I'm sure it'll be harder for you than it will be for him. And think of what a revelation it'll be for him to actually be able to hear clearly! I know it's hard not to worry (I'd be totally freaking out too) but do your best ;)

Anonymous said...

don't worry too much, my lovely friend!! you are doing the absolute right thing by getting to the bottom of j's ear issues, and getting him the treatment he needs!! also? i had chronic ear infections as a little kid, and trouble hearing as a result. my mom says that the minute the tubes were put in my ears, she could tell a WORLD of difference! she also says it was a super quick procedure, not painful for me and i only got 1 ear infection in all the years following having the tubes placed. i'm sure your sweet little man will do amazing, and of course it's ok to be nervous, but don't doubt for a second that you're a wonderful mama and you're taking the best care possible of your kiddo!!!

many many hugs to you guys. try not to worry! he will do GREAT and i'm sure the tubes will help soooo much. (-: