Wednesday, January 26, 2011


...hasn't been great. Actually, the past few days haven't been great.
I wore my pretty starlette headband again.. it makes me happy.

My little guy isn't feeling too hot.
 I am going to look at an apartment later today (Jack's napping now).
Yup, the apartment we found was rented out right after we told them we wanted it. Totally sucks. 
Jeremy's job is not the greatest at the moment.

BUT on a lighter note and because it makes me happy... 

Here is a little wishlist for today:

 This pretty vintage carpet bag.

This pretty dress (named after our favorite blogger)

These pretty hair pins. 
(made by the same pretty lady that makes my favorite headband at the moment)
This awesome brand
(I ordered some goodies the other day and can't wait to try them!)

These pretty amazing notebooks.
(just ordered these too!)

Maybe I'll be back later with some good news. 

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