Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good news...

Jeremy finally heard some good news at work today. :] Nothing was wrong or anything like that, but it was just good to hear. It's not a secret that we live with my in-laws and today is a little jump getting us closer to our own place again. (We need help sometimes). 
I took some photos of a few cupcakes for work today... I think they are pretty. They are going to be publish in a local magazine. Once they are published, I'll share the photo. 

I am excited about my Harper's Happenings Stepping Out post this weekend! I bought a new dress from Old Navy today that isn't anything really special but I think it's cute (woah, run on).

OH! I signed up for the amazing Miss Elsie's new e-course, Blog Love! I'm so excited! I want to be inspired and keep this pretty little blog up and running. I want to share more and have something GOOD for people to read. I know my life isn't always that interesting, but I do think that I have some cool ideas, views, and thoughts. I can't wait to start it!

Also!!!! I will have an ad up at Sometimes Sweet for December. This is my first ever ad... ever. I can't wait to see what happens. 

I do want to post a giveaway of some sort soon, too. Maybe to welcome the readers from the  Sometimes Sweet blog. Any ideas or suggestions? I would LOVE if it was sponsered, but that may be asking too much. BUT if by some chance you are interested, please email me! 



grrfeisty said...

congrats on getting your photo published! and good luck on one step closer to your own place :D
aaaand these 2 photos are adorable :)

Amanda said...

Thanks!! :] I can't wait to show the pictures of the cupcakes!!!!! :]

Anonymous said...

Everything about this little post is inspiring as can be! Oh babydoll! I'm nothing but blissed out for you about your soon-to-be published work, and eek, congratskies on your Steppin' Out fame! My gosh!!!!! <333

Anonymous said...

Btw, Hun, that was me - Missy! xox!

Amanda said...

Aww! Missy!! Thank you!! :]