Thursday, April 4, 2013


In our house, we have a love of pizza. A deep love. We could possibly eat it every single day and be ok with it. Of course, we don't or we'd be rolling to work in the mornings.

We try all different pizza. Homemade is our favorite. We can customize the toppings and the dough. We usually use Trader Joe's fresh pizza dough because it's the best tasting and most convienent for us. We love the garlic one the best. We get home from work pretty late, so dinner must be fast! We try to keep a few fresh vegetables around and we always have pepperonis or bacon.

This pizza (pictured above) has to be my favorite ever. We had made a whole chicken in the crock-pot the day before, so I used the leftover chicken, Classico pizza sauce (the best), baby bell peppers, parmesan cheese, kale, and a little olive oil on top (so the kale doesn't burn). So GOOD!

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