Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We had so much fun in Sna Antonio.

We met my mom and stepdad there. My sister and her family live there and it was the first time I got to meet my little teeny niece. She's the cutest thing ever. We did a lot of eating (because that's what we do) and a little shopping and a lot of hanging out together.
 We went to a little farmers market near downtown. I lived in San Antonio almost 8 years ago and I never knew this existed. If I did, then I probably would have moved into the apartments right next to it and attended the culinary school in the same square. There were too many dogs to count and so much good food. We got a few local goat cheeses and some bread. Then we went to eat at The Boiler Room. BEST BRUNCH I've had in a really long time.
Chicken fried quail, popcorn grits, and fried quail eggs. Yes. Amazing.
 Jack enjoyed his chocolate chip pancakes... or the whipped cream.
Then we went to Bakery Lorraine. I swear if this would have been open when I lived there, I would have gone broke buying all the macrons. I've tried quite a few in my day and I never really liked them... then I tried Bakery Lorraine's macrons. Amazing.
My plan is to finish them all by today, since I got six plus three extra and have only eaten the three and one in the box. Eek! I can't let them go bad!!
My family. Little stinker over there was a tad tired of the photoshoot.
Then we did a little bit of shopping. (J Crew here and I bought too much but to be fair there was way too many amazing things).
Sunday morning we went to my favorite place in San Antonio, Mi Terra. It's a Mexican restaurant with amazing food and a bakery counter in the front. Also, it's decorated VERY festive (understatement of the century).
After our lunch, we drove home. This little guy was so tired on the way home and has been missing his Mimee and Popo since we left them. He's already asked to go back to "Anian Tonio" a bunch of times. Soon, kid. Soon.

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