Sunday, February 24, 2013


We've had a pretty blue weekend so far (Jack is sick). I decided to make some cookies with Jack's help. We made blue doggies for our blue weekend. These are Spritz cookies and so super easy if you have a cookie press. I always add almond extract because that's the way my grandma made them and they are perfect. Jack loves them almost as much as he loves being my helper.
When Jack is helping me bake, I portion out all the ingredients so he can pour them into the mixer. He LOVES cracking eggs, so we do that together.
 He gets to put all the sprinkles on.
 Little man fell asleep before they came out of the oven, but we've shared a few since then.

1 comment:

Britty Luna said...

Aw! What cute cookies!

Did you use a cutter or pipe them?

I love how the little man has a blue dog pillow to match his cookies :)