Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Pretty much everyone I know makes goal lists for the new year. I'm no different. I have tons of notebooks throughout the years filled with lists just like this. Most have notes and lines crossing out completed goals. I love looking back on them and seeing how I did. This year's list feels a little more "grown-up."
Read all 7 Harry Potter books, again.
Of course, I've read them. But now that everything is over for HP, I'm missing it. I've started number one and I really can't wait to re-live the entire story again.
Buy a house/townhouse.
We've gone back and forth (we meaning me) whether or not Ft. Worth is our forever home. We've decided that, for now, it is. We are renting a pretty amazing little duplex, but we want a little more space and a ton more freedom to do what we want with the house. We found a couple townhouses in an amazing neighborhood with a giant community feel. Hopefully, that's where we'll end up.
I know quite a few amazing photographers in the DFW area, but this is something I've had on my goal lists for way too many years. It's happening. I'm diving into it. I have run out of excuses. Portraits, family portraits, seniors, maternity, babies, weddings... ok, I'm not diving that far quite yet, but hopefully by the end of the year I can have most of those crossed off my list.
Bigger/Better garden.
We had a pretty significant garden this year, but it was our first and we learned a lot. We are going to be making raised garden beds out of some old pallets and putting them on wheels. We are also going to plant a ton of new things and stick with some we know work. I'm really excited.
Throw a dinner party.
Been on my list for a couple years, too.
Cook and bake more at home.
Now that I'm not in the culinary field, I'm losing my edge. Cooking is something that I love to do, but haven't really made the time to keep doing it at home. No more excuses! Plus, we can save so much money if we just cook and eat at home!
Expand our record collection.
We have a decent collection going, but a lot of them are country.... eh. We never listen to those, so I'm thinking a clean-out will be nice. I want so many newer albums.
Romantic trip.
Here's a little fact about Jeremy and I for ya. We've never gone on a trip just the two of us... ever. Even our honeymoon was crashed by some friends. It was a blast, but not alone. We really want to make a little overnight or weekend trip to Austin or Houston.
Family trip.
This one might not happen this year, but I hope we can make something happen. Two years ago, we went to Disneyworld with my giant family. It was amazing, but we got rained out of a couple places and Jack was a little too little to enjoy everything. We would love to take him to Disneyland to see Cars Land, but I'm not sure how feasible a California trip would be for us.
Bar cart.
Jeremy's little bar has started taking over my hutch.
There are a few pieces of furniture that I need to get rid of and start new.
I hope everyone has an amazing 2013. I'm excited to see what happens!!!

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Sally said...

Great list! My family would love to see Cars land, too, but not sure it's in the 2013 plan :)
Hooray for Harry Potter!