Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas, so far.

My handsome fellow surprised us this morning with this beauty. We have a teeny tiny tree that we've always used in our apartments, since Jack was born. This year, since we're in a bigger place, we talked about getting a bigger tree. BUT those are expensive and not something I was really willing to spend on when all I could think about was gifts for everyone. Well, last night I was giving him such a hard time for not having a whole lot of Christmas spirit. We were at a Christmas celebration in our town that actually turned out pretty terrible. This dude had already had this hidden at his parent's house just down the street. Way to make me look bad, dude. He woke up at 4am Sunday morning and set it all up. I walked in and said "what the hell is that?" but in a good way... there's a good way to say it... there is! 
I waited for Jack to get up to help me move the ornaments from the teeny tree to the giant tree. He helped on a couple but lost interest. I'm not used to having so many branches to hang things!! T
There's the teeny one. We put a full ball ornaments on it just to fill it up. And yes, I lite a fire this morning forgetting that I live in Texas and it was 80 degrees today. Get with it, Texas. It's December. 
I love our mantel. We've only had a fireplace once before, but the mantel was super dinky. This one is amazing. I love decorating it each passing season, so far.E
My sweet grandma made this wonderful wreath. She used to make them ALL THE TIME, but now just at Christmas. She's really good.
Our chef friends with their rock and roll friend. Also, our advent calendar in the background. I got it last year for Christmas, but Jack was too tiny to actually know what was going on, but this year!! This year!!! We are excited. We check it together everyday.
Our night! I can't wait for the "Watch Santa Claues Movies" ones. My favorite!!!

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