Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 3 of 6...

I am on day 3 of 6 without Jack. My mother-in-law is in Houston helping out a friend and taking care of Jack for the week. I've never been away from him for more than 3 days... It's started to get easier during the day, but really tough at night. I'm so used to our routine and I miss him!! I miss his hugs and his always asking for snacks. I know he's having so much fun! We got him a new LeapPad2 before he left and I know he's loving it. He's asked a few times about us, but usually ends up saying "mommy and daddy are at my new house." We've talked about Facetiming but if he saw me, he'd want to come with me and it would be a mess... not to mention how much of a mess I'd be!

Is it Saturday yet?

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