Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Taken in my pretty garden.
Obsessing over... Yah... Jack's party. We finished birthday shopping for him this weekend and I am so happy with the little bit we got him. He'll have a blast and get spoiled by my parents and everyone else coming to his party. He also got a haircut this weekend that I can't get enough of! He looks like such a three year old and it kind of makes me sad. My baby is growing up!
Anticipating... Austin this weekend, Jack's party, my parents coming up, OCTOBER, and my girl's Houston trip with my mom, sister-in-law, and nieces.
Working on...  Jack's party... still. I FINALLY sent out the invitations. Not excactly how I had planned, but it'll work. My plan tonight is to paint some tiny pots for something for the party. It's going to be cute!
Watching... Parenthood and all the other fall shows coming back on. Also, occationally, I'll watch Gossip Girl.
Thinking about... Austin this weekend. We have a wedding to go to and won't have a whole lot of free time to play in Austin, but I am going to make it to Magnolia Cafe. And maybe some Toyjoy.
Reading... I'm reading Gone Girl. It's a little crazy so far... I'm only 50 or so pages in, but I'm in it. I usually read on the way to and from work. I'm watching a Gossip Girl break.
Listening to... Songza's Bedroom Rock and Death Cab playlists. They are usually on repeat while I'm at work and at home.
Eating... lots of grapes and pumpkin anything.
Wishing... my parents were here. They are coming to help celebrate Jack's birthday next weekend. I am so excited. My step-dad hasn't seen our house or our garden yet and I think he's going to LOVE it.
(Thank you to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for this idea! I love it!) 

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Jessica Jean-Marie said...

I'm with you on the eating *pumpkin anything* ;) Yum!