Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's almost time for pumpkins, apple cider, changing leaves, sweaters, boots, and tea. Who am I kidding? It's always time for tea.

Fall coming means lots of birthdays in this house. Jeremy's is this week and Jack's is at the end of September. I've already started a lot for Jack's birthday. He picked this own theme which is super fun for me. It's the most "him" party. I've been ordering and searching Etsy and eBay since it's not really something you can get in stores any more. I'm hand making a lot of stuff, which I would have done anyway. It'll be cute, I think. I've planned a museum/food truck day for Jeremy's, which is very adult and something we've been wanting to do for a long time. I got him a couple beer kits and already gave them to him. He's been busy this weekend making beer!

October means a ton of birthdays... my niece, sister, cousin, dad, mom, and me. My mom, niece, and I are trying to plan a little girl's roadtrip. My niece will be 10 and is a big fan of Elsie and Katie (and Hope). She wants us to head to Missouri, and she usually gets her way (ha!). So, I'm trying to plan that, too! It'll be fun and hopefully we'll get to see a couple of them and if not, we'll be just happy walking around Springfield and visiting Red Velvet.

I'm ready for cooler weather and hopefully our annual zoo trip. The summer is way too hot for the zoo, so we usually save it for fall.

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Ruzu said...

I have a good dream (I think so) go to USA or Europe to spend all autumn time
I love this season, here in my country EL Salvador we don´t have this period, because we are in a tropical zone :P anyway you have a lot of things to do, sounds fun, good luck
and I agree with the tea part.