Monday, May 14, 2012

This guy.

He loves:
- water
- cars
- dirt
- Sophie
- our plants
- cheese
- apple juice
- hugs 
- kisses
- school
- coloring
- Little Critter books
- sleeping with mama
- chalk
- jumping on daddy
- facetiming with mimee and popo
- super heros
- talking

He is my best friend, the best hugger, gives the best kisses, and loves his mama and daddy. He is genuinely the light of my life. I cry when I leave him with his grandparents, which we do every single work day. He says bye to us and waves. He also tells us to have a good day and sweet dreams. It's the sweetest thing ever and makes me tear up! I'm such a sap. He says please and thanks when needed. He listens, for the most part. We've tried really hard to not say NO to everything and let him figure things out on his own. Of course, we say no when needed, but not everything requires a NO. He's started hitting a little, but we're working on teaching him that it hurts and that it's not fun. He's gone to time-out a couple times for it, but we explain it every time and he says sorry and gives hugs. He's pretty sensitive and usually cries when he realizes that it hurt us. 
Jack is the sweetest little boy. 


Amber M. said...

This post is just too sweet :)
He's such a sweetheart!

Charliechalk said...

This is so cute. I feel the same way about my little monkey. shes 2 and i can relate to quite a few things you said there.