Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Jackson.

Jack has been sick this whole week and weekend.
I took him to the doctor on Wednesday and he got a shot. 
He didn't exactly have strep but the test was inconclusive, so I'm thinking he just has a crappy cold. 
By Friday, he still wasn't himself.
He didn't really have an appetite and after a short bath...
 he fell asleep at 7. 7 is WAY early for him and he almost always falls asleep in his bed, but that night he fell asleep in my arms on the couch. He definitely wasn't feeling so hot.
After a very long night for Jack and I, Jeremy got up early with Jack and took him to get donuts. 
He was so sweet to let me sleep and he brought me a triple from Starbucks.
Such a lovely man. 
We tried out watercolors for the first time.
Jack LOVED it.
He really hates getting his hands dirty so finger paints aren't his thing.
He loved the paintbrush and I loved that he couldn't really ruin anything with the paint.
Little man enjoyed a ton of popsicles this weekend.
We also read Green Eggs and Ham a thousand times.
I have a ton of Dr. Seuss books on my ipad and iphone. They are such life-savers.

Jack stayed the night at his grandma's last night to help Jeremy and I get some sleep before our work week. 
I miss my healthy little man.

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mommatojoa said...

Hope your little man feels better soon! :)