Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Again... by amandamichelle_smith
Again..., a photo by amandamichelle_smith on Flickr.

Jackson is sick. He is always sick. This time it's double eye and ear infections. He is so miserable. I have been spending so much time at work with my new "job" and my mother-in-law and father-in-law have been taking such great care of him.

He sleeps in bed with me every night that he's sick. It wouldn't be so bad (it's never bad when he's not sick) but his ears are...draining. Which is a good thing (also gross) because it means his tubes are working/doing their job. But he is still so sad and uncomfortable.

My in-law's are taking him back to the doctor tomorrow to check in with the doctor. He was prescribed drops for his eyes and ear on Monday. But we learned today that it's both ears. On to an antibiotic!!

Here's hoping to him being better by Friday. We have rsvped to an Easter egg hunt at TCU with my brother-in-law on Sunday. I hope we can still make it!

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