Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge! 

Obsessing over.

Jack feeling better, blogging, finding more time for my family, missing my mom, Mutemath, and the fact that I almost met the Eisley ladies but was too chicken. yah.

Working on.

Cleaning my apartment, scheduling blog posts, recipes, laundry, (planning) a weekend to visit my family and take lots of portraits for them and friends.

Thinking about.

How I wish I could stay home with Jack and just do photography. Going to Alt Summit next year. Taking this blog to the next level. How fast my little guy is growing. Maybe Disney trip this summer.


Said Disney trip. Family reunion in May. This coming weekend to spend time with my family. The day my mom comes to visit. Hopefully a roadtrip.

Listening to.

Mutemath. Of Monsters and Men. Real Estate. Blue's Clues.


Pound cake with different toppings and craving some scrambled eggs.


I lived closer to my family. This blog and photography was my job.


Emily Kate said...

Your self portrait and blog are aaaadorable!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

So lovely!