Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Collections // A list/wishlist

I love collecting things. Now, this is a new development. I've always loved certain things...but never thought to collect them. Duh. I know... 
I'm our apartment right now, I have a few collections going...
- Cameras
- Records
- Prints
- Blankets
and my favorite
- Custom portraits

I, honestly, only have two. But I'm working on saving up for more.

This is by the ever talented Danny Brito. He is by far my favorite artist. I have a couple prints and a vintage painted purse by him too. But my custom portraits are my prized possessions. I haven't found the perfect place for my portrait, but my family portrait is up!
I got my mom a custom portrait for Christmas this year. I can't wait for her to get it!!
It's a dia de los muertos version on me!
Danny is so good.

Here are a few custom portraits I've found that I am very much wanting:
Jess of Irocksowhat just opened her shop! I am so excited! I cannot wait to order one of her custom portraits!!
She's very talented! I mean, come on! Look at little Corbin!
  Poppopportraits on etsy.
I love this one! I've seen a few families done, too!
Bleubird family & the Skunkboy family.
Now, this is so much fun!
Fisher Price Family Portrait by luckyjackson.
  Another absolute favorite! I hope to have one someday....
Custom paper portrait by Cameronpluswhitney.
And that cute little family up in the left corner... that's Danielle at Sometimes Sweet!

Last but not least, there's The Paper Mama's custom portraits.
Super cute!! And that pretty family is Jessica's family from TART!

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Jessica said...

Thank you!!! I've been wanting to get custom portraits of our family!!! Im in love with Poppopportraits stuff :-) Scott may be getting an early early early early birthday present or maybe a valentines gift ;-)