Thursday, December 15, 2011


Why, hello world. I've been pretty MIA here. Oops. Not exactly planned but I've been pretty overwhelmed and busy. Stuff at work has calmed down for the most part, so yay! But now we have the holidays and traveling. We'll get through it and have an amazing time! YAY!!

Here are a few things we've been up to:

- Jeremy changed jobs!!!!
(so amazing. I am so so happy for him. He loves his new job.)

- His job is nights... Yah. Our schedules are completely opposite.
It's been kind of hard on me because I miss him.
But we'll be spending the holiday's together and we get every weekend.

- Jack won't stop talking. And it's amazing. It's such a huge difference from June to now.

- Work has been...not stressful...well a little stressful.. mostly just busy.
We work non-stop until we close....which is such a great thing when it comes to the restaurant world.

- I decided that most of my Christmas gifts this year are going to be handmade/edible.
This weekend is dedicated to baking and crocheting!


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Jessica West Judkins said...

adorable picture of Jack, I love his face
and yay for spouse time!!!!
and baking :-)