Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yup. I'm one of those...

Yup. That's me. Reading one of my favorite books.
One that I've read probably 4-5 times. 
I'm reading it again.
Making it 6 times.

I've seen all the movies...
in the theater....
on the weekend they come out.

I even had a New Moon party.
Oh, hell yes I did.

And I got invited to a Breaking Dawn party.
I'm pretty excited.

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Mrs. Tabor-Hughes said...

And I have You to thank for my addiction as well. Lol. I will never forget you saying "we should start a book club and start readig this series together" I was like "I don't want to read a book about stupid vampires" look at me now. And I am so excited for the new movie to come out!!!!!!!!!