Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jack's 2nd Birthday Party.

We had Jack's 2nd birthday party on Saturday! 
It was a CIRCLE party!!!
Circles circles everywhere!
Decorations :
ribbon garland- me
"Jack is 2" banner- me
Circles on walls- me

Food :
Cake- friend from work
Cupcakes- Sprinkles
Cheeseballs, cheesewheels, crackers, m&ms, blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, Chickfila nuggets
Sugar cookies: Sugar and Flour

Supplies :
straws, cups, bamboo sporks, balloons : sweet lulu

I had so much fun planning this little get together for my little man.
I still can't believe he's TWO!


carlasbreakfastime said...

YOUR BLOG IS SO LOVELY AND YOU´RE ADORABLEI spent many good times in your blog, I LIKE IT SO MUCH! Have a good Saturday!


Sara Bell said...

This is lovely and adorable!

Jessica West Judkins said...

Oh my goodness Jackson is a little doll baby <3

poppymilkface said...

such a cute and pretty party, for an awesome little man! it came together beautifully, lady. i hope you guys had so much fun with the day! xoxoxo!