Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Wishes

My birthday is this month! I'm not too too excited about being 27, but it'll do.
Here are a few things I wouldn't mind enjoying my birthday with...

This super cute dress from Vanilla and Lace.

These shoes are begging me to wear them.

This amazingly sweet little custom blue bird by the ever amazing Katie at Skunkboy Creatures.

 I need one of these. I love Danny Brito

 I am dying for a new tattoo! Rachel's at Smile and Wave, is AMAZING!

And a lovely drive-in picnic like this one that Dani at oh, hello friend had would be the perfect place to spend my birthday!

It's not until the 20th...  27 on the 20th... geez. I'm getting old.

1 comment:

Baby D's Mama said...

you, my dear, are not old!
i am old and it makes me sad!
the thought of a picnic in the back of your car is heaven right now. so romantic!