Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Week // 27 Facts

My birthday is Thursday! I'll be 27!!
So, this week I'm going to do a few posts about myself and my birthday because I can!

My first post is for everyone to get to know me a little better....

27 Facts about Amanda

1. I have six siblings. Tim, Matt, Iliana, Kenny, Erik, and Kassidy.
I am exactly in the middle. Three older and three younger. 
Thank God they are not all in the same family!

2. I am a chef. 
3. I love LOVE movies. I love going to the theater and I LOVE dvds.
I have way too many... I'm actually a little embarassed!

4. I don't wear a lot of make-up. Concealer when needed, mascara, eyeliner, and tinted lip balm.

5. I technically have 2 dogs. Sophie and Bia. 
Bia was given to me by an ex my junior year in high school as an "I'm sorry." 
She was adorable and loveable, so I kept her. The sorry did not work. 
He didn't want her back so I kept her! 
I couldn't exactly take her to college so my mom took over her care.
Now Bia is in love with my mom. Follows her everywhere.

6. I love to read...and re-read. I've read the Harry Potter series 4 times and the Twilight series 5 or 6 times. 

7. I love Starbucks.

8. I have the worst eyesight ever. I've had glasses since I was in 5th grade.

9. In junior high, a few friends and I started a band. 
None of us really had any talent at the time.
I was the singer.

10. I love Friends. 

11. I have a small record collection. Most are from an antique store down the road.

12. My ALL-TIME favorite vacation was Disney World/Universal Studios. 

13. I like to sing in my car. Loudly.

14. I have 4 tattoos.

15. I think I like Toy Story more than my two year old.

16. I don't have cable in my house. 

17. I've always dreamed of owning a bakery like in It's Complicated. 

18. I am afraid of falling. Not heights. From falling... like tripping or falling down stairs. 

19. Fall is my favorite time of year. 

20. I hate summers.

21. I have a plan for a huge tattoo. But I have a problem saving money for said tattoo.

22. I have an online shopping addiction.

23. I really miss being home with Jackson.

24. I really want to take a road trip to Missouri. Springfield to be exact.

25. I love The Sims. Love. Love. Love.

26. I love Coldplay.

27. I love lists.......


Baby D's Mama said...

love this list!

Jessie Lathroum said...

This is cute! BUT I might have you beat with the eyesight one,... glasses since SECOND GRADE! Can you imagine the torture!? Anyway, I was signing up for the package exchange on Oh Hello Friend and noticed that you were from DFW also, thought I'd take a look! CUTE blog! Love all the purple and I too love Twilight :)