Monday, June 6, 2011

Jack's Ears...

My mom and Jackson :]
My sweet little man had his ear surgery Saturday. It was the roughest, fastest, hardest, easiest thing ever....

Let me explain.

Like I've said before, Jack had a lot of fluid in his ears that he wouldn't/couldn't drain. This caused him a TON of earaches and some hearing trouble. His speech is delayed because of this and he was always uncomfortable. We saw an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor a couple weeks ago. He suggested tubes. Well, more like stated Jack needed tubes. So we scheduled his tube placement ASAP. 

We went in for some pre-op on Friday. No blood taking (THANK GOD) but there was plenty of prodding and poking that Jack hated. They explained the process and made us as comfortable as they could. We were so nervous and freaked out.

We went in on Saturday at 6:45am. We got Jack in his little gown and they took some vital signs and made sure everything was in order. 
Daddy and Jack reading in the hospital room.
We tried to distract him and keep in entertained. He was doing pretty good for the most part. We had to wake him up really early and he wasn't a big fan of that.

Playing in the playroom waiting to be called in.
After vital signs were good and written down, we went to wait in the little playroom. He loved all the trucks and played with a few other little guys that were having the same thing done that day. 

At about 7:45am, they called his name. I almost just started to bawl right then. I knew what was coming. They gave him a sedative to help with the separation from us and help him calm down enough for them to put the gas mask on him. We stayed with him until the sedative kicked in. Then we had to put him on a rolling hospital bed and watch a nurse wheel him away. He wasn't too interested in us not being with him at that moment, but it was possibly the hardest moment of my life so far. I was so helpless. I couldn't go with my little baby. 

Before they wheeled him out.
The 3 of us before Jack got wheeled away.
A sweet nurse walked us to the waiting room. I ducked into a restroom to cry. I couldn't help it. My mom and Jeremy's parents were there and quite a few people in the waiting room as well that I didn't want to see me cry. I didn't stay in there long. I had to pull myself together so I could wait for the doctor to come out and tell me my little man was a-ok. I came out of the restroom, got some coffee from a vending machine, and sat down.... and then the doctor came out to tell us he was done! DONE! It was about 8 minutes from when I watched Jack wheel away on a bed to the doctor smiling at me telling me it went great! Wow. 

Jeremy and I went into the recovery area to find Jack screaming... and screaming. They warned us that a few kids don't take well to waking up with the anesthesia. Jack was one of them. Actually, he was the only one out of about 10 that was screaming. Not only was he screaming, but when I finally got him in my arms, he started headbutting and throwing punches. Now, I'm little... He's not. So, I got pretty beat up for a good 15 minutes until the medicine wore off. Then I got my sweet guy back. He drank some juice and we changed him and left!
On the drive home... still sleepy.
We drove home and he snuggled some with me on the couch. Then he was off to play with his cars! He was good within 20-30 minutes of being home. We were told to only give him clear liquids for about 2 hours after and if he was doing well then we could give him his regular diet. 

Playing with his cars with his little ankle ID bands on.
He is doing so well. He's already started talking a lot more. He doesn't say words so much yet, but he's back to babbling A LOT! I know he'll be back on track so soon! It's going to be amazing to watch! 



Amber said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing!
I'm glad he's doing better and talking and babbling! :)

renee kristine said...

aw, i'm so glad everything's going so great! he's going to be yapping your ear off soon :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a TOUGH day to get through, but i'm sooo excited to hear about how his language develops from here! i'm willing to bet you'll see a huge improvement pretty much instantly - good for you taking great care of your sweet boy! ((HUGS))