Saturday, May 28, 2011

This weekend....

This weekend is for:

- getting ready for my mom to come visit!!!
( I miss my mom so much all the time! I cannot wait for her to get here! She hasn't been feeling so well, so I'm hoping she's feeling 100% by the time she has to drive 9+ hours to us. She rocks. )

- getting stuff together for Jack's little hospital visit
( his tubes go in on the 4th and pre-op is the day before. It should only take a few minutes to do the actual procedure but they have to sedate him & that freaks me out. )

- cleaning out my dirty car
( if I don't, my mom will have a cow when she gets in it! Ha! )

- attempting some [good] outfit photos
( I suck at this lately )

- lots of "pool" time for Jack

- sidewalk chalk

- lots of cuddles

- lots of movies watched & books read!
( Jack LOVED Gnomeo & Juliet!! )

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Mine is 3 days!!!!!!!

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