Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yah. Totally sucks.

His molars are coming in so falling asleep has been a little rough. We still rock Jack to sleep and (cue the bad mom thoughts) yes, he still drinks one bottle at day. We're actually in the beginning of trying to switch the bottle to a sippy cup at night.

He falls asleep so easily in the car, but we're only In the car for about 20 minutes on the way home. It's a little frustrating because I don't know what to do. I'm just going with the flow. He is happy when he's awake. Just the falling asleep part is giving us some trouble. He has to get very very tired in order to fall asleep.

My poor little man. Hopefully they pop out soon and he can be happy. :)
Any mama's out there have any teething suggestions? We miss Hylands teething tablets. :(


Foster said...

Hi: We are/were going something similar with our 14-month-old. Here are some things we did that worked (sort of):

Frozen "cubes" of applesauce/bananas with dinner to numb teeth pre-sleep.

Frozen pancakes for a snack.

Frozen wet washcloth--easier to get in the back than plastic teether in combo with Sophie.

Morning toothbrushing instead of night toothrbrushing so as not to irritate gumbs.

Sleeping--especially in the car--is more difficult--but we found switching from the bottle to the cup to be much easier (b/c this was really hard at first!) when we just committed to it.

We simply got rid of the bottles one day (and got rid of the "night" beverage) and started giving only cups at meals. We started with half a cup of milk. It took about 3 days, and she switched completely. If he throws the cup/freaks out--don't give in. IF he'll take water from a cup, give him water for the first day (and give lots of liquidy fruits and veg to ensure he doesn't get dehydrated). Don't mess around with doing formula/juice in the cup.

I hope this is helpful! I both love and dread baby advice!!!! Just remember: phases seem horrible when you're in them, but they really don't last forever.

Amanda said...

Oh Foster, thank you so much!! We will definitely be trying out some of these asap! :) :)

Glenn said...

Foster's already shared a lot of the things we do, too. But soft cookies and cereals can also help with the teething. As much as possible, we try to avoid the plastic teethers and tablets.

Glenn Koehm