Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some stuff...

This week has been a tough one already. 

I woke up Monday morning with a bad pain in my eye...and it gradually got worse...way worse. 

I have a stye...I think. Actually I'm 99.9% sure it's a stye. The doctor I went to first said that it was an infection (another word for stye in my opinion) and gave me meds that treat a stye. He never actually said it was one but that he would look at it again in a few days. Well, I woke up Tuesday like that. I could barely open my eye and I already have pretty horrible eye sight, so with one eye not working properly, there was no way I could drive. Ugh. I really like my job and I actually sort of like getting up early and baking.  I didn't go to work Tuesday. 

Then Tuesday night, my mom called me and told me that her doctor scheduled her for a heart procedure (that I can't remember the name to) where they go in through the leg and see if there is a blockage somewhere. Well, I freaked out. My mom is my best friend and more. Also, I'm 9+ hours away from her. I was crying and crying and freaking out. Jeremy came home from work early so he could help me calm down and watch Jack while I took a chill pill. After a long hot bath and some eye soaking, I was ok. A little less freaked, but still freaked. 

Today... I was on my way to work and had to pull off of the highway to puke. Yah. Back in my pregnant days, I pulled off the road all the time. So of course, I kind of freaked. (NO I'm not pregnant...I've got the test to prove it! Which is a good thing!!) I called my boss and explained that I as I was close to work, there was no way I could actually make it there. I was puking and so so nauseous. So I made my slow drive home, with another stop here and there. I made it home and got to talk to my mom before she went in for her heart thing. I took another hot, long bath and got dressed in a comfy maxi dress and waited. My mother in law took Jack for the morning and part of the afternoon so I could rest. It turns out, I'm a genius (insert sarcasm). I took my anti-biotic (for my crazy eye) without taking any food at all. Not even a cracker. SO yah... It all came back up. Awesome = me. My step dad called me a few hours later to let me know that they didn't find anything in my mom's heart (THANK GOD) and that she was fine and going home today. YAY! 

Everything is turning out ok, but I had a little melt down yesterday. I picked up my messy apartment and picked up my happy little son and we are now going to have a good evening at home with NO CRYING. 


By the way, my eye still hurts and it's still swollen and I want it gone.. the whole thing... GONE. 

A little outfit peak! :] Posting later!

** Sorry about the crazy layout here... Photobucket is having some difficulties apparently. 
It works now! YAY!


posidanielle said...

aw poor thing! I have really bad eye sight also so whenever something is wrong with either of them I am pretty much useless. I used to get severe eye infections and I thought I was going blind. My eyes would water and water and I was so sensitive to sunlight. It was insane.

I really hope your eye gets better fast. And I glad that your mom is okay! I would be freaking out too. My mom is my rock!

I hope that the rest of the week is good to you.
Take care pretty lady!

Amanda said...

Thanks Danielle! :] It's been rough but it's already a better day :] My little guy makes things all better :]

skunkboycreatures said...

Aw, here's to the rest of your week being waaaaaayyyyy better!

Amanda said...

Thanks Katie! :] I'm sure it will be!

Anonymous said...

I found it pretty humorous to open my blog read, see HELLO PRETTY EYES and a BIG RED eyeball staring back at me :)

Amanda said...

LOL Sorry MyDearJenn... :]