Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've been away...


and working...

and working!! 

 I got my dresses!!! I'm wearing one to the zoo tomorrow & for a picnic. 
I can't wait!
 Jack is adorable as always.
 Lots of playing outside to avoid the mess of the apartment. 
I got so overwhelmed the other day that I had to just escape to the patio for the afternoon.
Then my amazing husband cleaned while I was at work. 
He is awesome.
I got lots of cuts and bruises this week at work. 
But I got paid so YAY!


erinsunday said...

I wore that same green dress (you have in the photo where you are holding flower) yesterday! haha FUNNY!

Amanda said...

Nice!! I just pulled out all my maxi dresses from storage. I love them all and each year I fall back in love when I bring them out :]